Hanoi IR Canister 2015

The Canister and the Field

This is a shadow report. Full report to follow.

On a foggy Saturday afternoon in UNIS, Ciptura, Hanoi on 14 November 2015,  representatives of the Vietnam Swans, Viet Celts and Hanoi Dragons met for the 2nd annual “Hanoi International Rules Canister’. The game saw players from three different codes – Australian Rules, Gaelic Football and Rugby Union – playing a fourth one – International Rules. For the purposes of this game the planet was divided in two with the Viet Celts taking control of the Northern Hemisphere and the Vietnam Swans taking control of the Southern Hemisphere.


VC Logo NewDue to a Minsk FC game on at the same time, the Viet Celts aka, the Northern Hemisphere were missing a number of key operators and had to gang press in a number of substitutes from either side of the age spectrum.

One of the key battles involved Grant Keys of the South playing full forward  v John O’Shoulders of the North playing full back and it was indeed a treat for the spectators to watch these two tough but honest characters in action.

Vietnam Swans1

Due to the skeletal nature of the Northern side, the Southerners were never in any great trouble but the positive from a Viet Celts point of view was the debut of James Lally from Galway after a long lay off due to serious  injury.

Hanoi Dragons Logo

The field was covered in an  enveloping fog by the last quarter as both teams elected not to rage against the dying of the light but rather let if fade.

The titles now stand at one apiece with the roll of honour as follows:

2014  Northern Hemisphere (Viet Celts + Northern Dragons)

2015 Southern Hemisphere ( Vietnam Swans + Southern Dragons)


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