Preview- All Vietnam Schools Cup 2015


All Vietnam Schools Cup 2015
Saturday March 14th from 10am-5pm at
Viet-Uc School, My Dinh

On Saturday 14 March, the Viet Celts and VAS Hanoi will host the 6th edition of the All Vietnam Schools Cup in Gaelic Football in My Dinh from 10pm-5pm. The competitions are:

U11 Boys (Primary)
U13 Boys (Junior)
U15 Boys (Intermediate)
U18 Boys (Senior)
U18 Girls

Hanoi International School (HIS) are the current champions in the Senior Boys completion and went all of 2014 undefeated so will be the team to beat in that grade. HIS Seniors are coached by the ‘Wiley Fox’, Leo Dyar. The victory by HIS Seniors last year continued the nice spread of winners in the Senior Cup over the previous five editions:
2010 VAS Hanoi
2011 VAS Hanoi
2012 Hanoi Academy
2013 Hanoi International School
2014 Hanoi International School

VAS Hanoi, coached by Jim Kiernan are current champions in both the Junior Boys competition and in the U18 Girls competition. Furthermore, VAS Girls have not been beaten in all competitions in the last two years. Coach Mike Clifford of HIS will be keen to put a spanner in the works with regard to this record. HIS have had a good run in the U15 grade lately. HIS U15s won the Hanoi Youth Cup in December in a very exciting deciding match and another exciting final is expected in this grade. James Kaunhoven has replaced Rob Walsh as the manager of this team .

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This year, there will be two new competitions added, an Intermediate Boys competition and a Primary school competition. The tournament also welcomes the following schools/foundations, Singapore International School (SIS) coached by John Shoulders and Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation managed by the dream coaching panel of Dave Cunningham, Mark Horkan, Le Thi Thu, Nguyen Ngoc Quynh, Nguyen Dong Viet and Tho Nguyen.


Farewell to Brian McNulty and Claire Sauvage who left Vietnam this week and have been helping out with the Blue Dragon teams. John Shoulders also helped out with Blue Dragon. Reports from the various training sessions suggest that these new challengers have what it takes to knock the more established teams off their pedestals. The youth tournament is in two parts with a morning session from  10am-12pm (junior games) and an afternoon session from 2pm-5pm (intermediate + senior games). SIS may have two U11 teams which will turn the U11 competition into a round robin.

Basic Timetable
Morning Session 10am-12pm
U11 Boys (Primary)   SIS v Blue Dragon

U13 Boys (Junior)      VAS Hanoi v Blue Dragon

Exhibition game (provisional) + break 12pm-2pm
Afternoon Session  2pm-5pm

U15 Boys (Intermediate) HIS v Blue Dragon
U18 Girls                           HIS v VAS Hanoi
U18 Boys (Senior)            HIS v VAS Hanoi

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Thanks to Education in Ireland, the Irish Embassy, the Asian County Board, the DFA and the GAA for their vital support of the Viet Celts Schools Gaelic Football program.

It would be great if as many Viet Celts as possible could make it out to My Dinh to help with the tournament. Our friends from the Vietnam Swans are very welcome.

All Vietnam Schools Cup 2015
Saturday March 14th from 10am-5pm at
Viet-Uc School, My Dinh

Map to the venue here. (link)

Comp Flyer March 2015


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