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On Saturday 7 March,  the Viet Celts Men play against their counterparts from the Saigon Gaels in the inaugural All Vietnam Senior Mens Championships. They have played each three times before in the South Asian with Saigon winning in 2011 and 2014 and the Viet Celts winning in 2012.

The ladies from both clubs were already a year ahead of the game  having instituted the All Vietnam Senior Ladies Championships last year with Saigon picking up the honours. They also met in the South Asian Ladies Plate Final in 2014.

Both games this year will be played as part of the Central Vietnam Games, a multi-sport event featuring Gaelic Football, Australian Rules, Rugby, Netball and Beach Volleyball. The Central Vietnam Games are the brainchild of Grant Keys. Grant and the Vietnam Swans organising commitee have been busy putting the games together over the last few months ably helped out on the ground in Danang by Jason Carter and Michael Johnson (MJ) before MJ went away to seek his fortune in Australia. Below is a preview of the event and  mens’ game by eminent VC sportwriter John Shoulders.
The Viet Celts

johnshoulders1                          The suave and urbane John Shoulders

The 4th installment  of the Hanoi v Saigon Gaelic Clash between the old guard Viet Celts and the relative new boys on the Vietnamese Gaelic scene, the Saigon Gaels.
Viet Celts, find below your war-cry from the North:

Calling all Celts!

From the lush fields of My Dinh to our beloved concrete pitch of Xuan La may the cry ring out! In every frequented bia hoi and bar of this fine city let the call be sounded! Jim, the Gentleman, Warcry, the Man With The Iron Skull Kiernan wants you!

After ending last year so triumphantly by taking home a trophy from the AGG in KL, defending the honor and good name of the entire Northern Hemisphere against the Swans in Hanoi and even holding our first awards ceremony in five years(!) you might understandably ask yourself this question: How we could possibly keep up the momentum heading into the new year? Thanks to the foresight of one special big unit however, Grant Keys,  a man whose towering stature and ambition have given him the vision to see above and beyond the huddled masses, the answer is simple:  A multi-sports extravaganza

That is correct gentlemen. On Saturday March 7 we will be putting on the shirts to take on the Saigon Gaels in Da Nang. With our all time record standing at 1-2 against the Gaels, including a narrow loss that still stings us B-Siders from last year’s SAG, this offers a fantastic opportunity to get some sun in one of the most scenic beach towns in the world and even the score with our southern rivals. To top it off, we will also have the opportunity to team up with our training partners the Hanoi Swannies to take on the Saigon Swans in a North-South AFL grudge match as part of a first of its kind all day North vs South sports competition also featuring a VC Ladies and Gaels match, the Hanoi Dragons playing a Saigon rugby outfit and a Hanoi Oi’s-Saigon netball showdown as well as a spot of beach volleyball.

John Shoulders


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