VAS Gaelic Football Club: 2014 – A Review

2014 was another fantastic year for the VAS Gaelic Football Club with many competitions won, tournaments hosted and also for the first time, the club co-organised the South Asian Youth Cup.


All-Vietnam Schools Cup – March 15thVAS Juniors - All Vietnam Schools Cup 2014

In the 5th edition of this tournament, VAS Hanoi won two competitions here out of three, the All Vietnam Schools Girls Cup and the All Vietnam Schools Junior Boys Cup beating Hanoi International School (HIS) in both finals. VAS Hanoi hosted the event.


South Asian Youth Cup – May 24th

VAS Hanoi co-organised the event at My Dinh VFF Grounds. It was an extremely hot day so VAS Hanoi did well to make off with three out of the four competitions on offer, the South Asian U12 Boys Cup, the South Asian U15 Boys Cup and the South Asian U17 Girls Cup. Particularly notable on the day was the result in the Under 12 Boys contest, where the VAS Hanoi side, put together only four weeks prior, knocked off a solid Malaysian side which had been playing together for two years. VAS Hanoi beat HIS in the other two finals.

VAS U12 Boys - South Asian 2014
VAS Gaelic Cup – Late November/ Early December

In late November and early December, a number of games were played in the 6th edition of VAS Gaelic Cup. It is an internal competition for VAS students. The idea was to give players a competitive run out before the Hanoi Youth Gaelic Cup on December 6 and help with the selection of the school teams. It was also a vehicle for introducing new players to the game. Year 12 Boys v Year 10 Boys was the best game in this event.
Hanoi Youth Gaelic Cup 2014 – December 6th

Going into the tournament, VAS Hanoi were reigning champions in all three competitions and had won all the competitions in the previous three editions. It did not stay that way however but VAS Girls were at their devastating best in accounting for HIS 29pts to 6pts. VAS Hanoi also hosted the event.VAS Girls - Hanoi Youth Cup 2014
Special thanks to Education in Ireland, Noble Education, the Irish Embassy, the Asian County Board and the DFA/GAA Open Call for their continued support of the VAS Gaelic Football Club. Thanks to everyone at VAS Hanoi who helped out with logistics for the various events during the year.

VAS Gaelic Football Club


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