VAS Gaelic Cup 2014

VAS Girls 4In late November and early December, a number of games were played in the 6th edition of VAS Gaelic Cup. It is an internal competition for VAS students. The idea was to give players a competitive run out before the Hanoi Youth Gaelic Cup on December 6 and also help with the picking of the school teams. It was also a vehicle for introducing new players to the game. Short reports on the games to follow from the VAS Gaelic Football Club.

25-11-2014 – Gaelic Girls
VAS Blues 12. 6 (42pts)
VAS Reds 2.2 (8pts)
VAS Reds simply had no answer to the devastating fire power of the ‘terrible twins’ Nguyen Nga and Truong Thi Ngoc Anh. VAS Blues ran out comfortable winners.

28-11-2014 – Year 11
11A1    3.3 (12pts)
11A2    3.2 (11pts)
These were mostly students who were new to the sport. 11A1 were crowned champions of Year 11 after close game against 11A2. Pham Ngoc Long gave a good account of himself in his first time playing in a competitive Gaelic Football game.


02-12-2014 – Seniors Boys
Year 12     7.5 (26pts)
Year 10     5.2 (17pts)

This was an eagerly awaited game between the two senior years that regularly play Gaelic Football in the school. Year 12 are a little bigger and stronger but Year 10 had been playing longer and so were more comfortable on the ball. The game did not disappoint with Year 10 only down by two points at the break. Goals by Nguyen Duc Manh in the second half settled the game in favour of Year 12.


04-12-2014 – Junior Boys
VAS Greens   1.4 (7pts)
VAS Reds       1.3 (6pts)

This game went right down to the wire and was won by VAS Greens by a point. There was some great spirited battling throughout the game by Crazy Khanh (Nguyen Tran Nam Khanh) and Cool Khanh (Cu Nam Khanh) which inspired their teammates.
VAS Gaelic Football Club


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