Viet Celts bid for South Asian successful


The Viet Celts bid to host the South Asian 2014 received the nod of approval at Asian Gulf Board AGM in Hanoi on 1 March. VC Chairman, Colm Ross addressed the populace of Hanoi from the balcony of the Movenpick Hotel minutes later. The good word was met with a cacophony of celebration as people sought to battle the harsh March weather with their own harsh joy. The South Asian Gaelic Games 2014 will be held in Hanoi on May 24. We also hope to have a fairly prominent youth section within the tournament.

Much credit for the successful bid must go to Tournament Director, Gareth O’Hara who put together the proposal. SOS International are on board to provide the ambulance service and pitch-side medical care.  Thus far, Gar has been ably helped by his lovely wife, Phuong O’Hara with the Byzantine negotiations of pitch bookings. Also lending assistance has been the investigative Dave Cunningham who has been hitting his sporting sources in Hanoi for pertinent information. Much work has already been done and much remains to be done so if there are any Viet Celts who think they have relevant skills for organising certain aspects of tournaments, get in touch with Gar.


This tournament holds a special place in the hearts of Viet Celts as we hosted the inaugural one in Hanoi in 2008 and then organised the 2011 edition in HCMC from which sprang forth the Saigon Gaels. With our bid winning at the AGB AGM recently, we become the first club to host it three times. Indeed, no other club has hosted it more than once. Below are the host clubs and venues of the previous editions.

Year                 Host Club                                        Venue

2008                 Viet Celts                                    Hanoi, Vietnam

2009                 Orang Eire                             Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2010             Jakarta Dragonflies                    Jakarta, Indonesia

2011                 Viet Celts                                   HCMC, Vietnam

2012              Thailand GAA                           Pattaya, Thailand

2013             Singapore Gaelic Lions                   Singapore

2014                 Viet Celts                                    Hanoi, Vietnam

As regards the AGM itself at the start of March, thanks to all the delegates for travelling to Hanoi, Puku for hosting the welcome meet-up on the Friday, Movenpick for hosting the AGM and the Irish Embassy for putting on the reception for the delegates. Finally thanks to the Irish Wolfhound for inventing a new cocktail in honour of the delegates called the AGB cocktail at the farewell they hosted on the Saturday. Make mine an AGB.

Jim Kiernan


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