Asian Gulf Board AGM in Hanoi

NewAGB5For those who like acronyms, the Asian Gulf Board (AGB) AGM is being held for the first time in Hanoi and Vietnam on Saturday 1 March, 2014. As we go to press, delegates from all over Asia are now in front of their mirrors practicing what they are going to say and checking their suitcases one last time. Many matters of great import will be on the agenda fortified with an illiberal dose of Machiavellian machinations. Not least, will be the vote for the venue of the South Asian Gaelic Games 2014, a tournament for which the Viet Celts have put in a bid.

The attendees will mostly be arriving in to Hanoi at different times on Friday evening.  AGB Secretary, Emily Ward has quite rightly ordered the delegates to stay in on the Friday night, prepare for Saturday and be in a position to give the very best of themselves at the AGM. A security cordon has been placed around the AGM hotel, the Movenpick.


However, I have never seen a security cordon yet that can hold legendary escape artists, Malayisan delegate, Pat Gorham, Shanghai delegate, Davey Hayes and Thai delegate, John Campbell. If they break out with some others, we hope to have a very informal welcome meet-up for them in Puku, 16 Tong Duy Tan st on Friday around 9pm. Come down if you have the time.


If you do meet any of them out and about at the weekend, we ask that you refrain from the time honoured Hanoian tradition of kicking a delegate, at least until the Sunday when the vote for the South Asian will already have been taken.

 Ambassador Damien Cole and the Irish Embassy have graciously offered to put on a reception specifically for the delegates when they finish their work on Saturday.

The Viet Celts extend a warm welcome to all the delegates and we hope that their deliberations will prove fruitful and that the fatalities in the conference room during the whole process can be kept to an absolute minimum.

Jim Kiernan


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