VAS Gaelic Cup 2013


The 5th edition of the VAS Gaelic Cup was played at VAS Sports ground in My Dinh, Hanoi in the month of November, 2013. It is an internal competition for Vietnam Australia School (VAS Hanoi) teams to give the players tournament experience, prepare them for the competitions ahead in 2013-14 and help with team selection.

The guest players this year were five girls from Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC) Sydney who were visiting as exchange students, Kate Fahy, Georgia Peacocke, Olivia Hart, Amy Fergusson and Marian Sakr. They enthusiastically embraced Gaelic Football and the concept of the competition.


 VAS Orange  2. 8 (14pts)

VAS Blue       2. 0 (6pts)

 VAS Orange totally dominated this girl’s game on 26 November to which VAS Blue had no answer. VAS Blue never really got out of the starting blocks and found the going tough against their slicker opponents. Best for the winners, VAS Orange were Nguyen Nga, Amy Fergusson , Pham Luu Vi and Georgia Peacocke.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES      Jim Kiernan with both teams at the meet-up before the game

Combined Team   5.3  (18pts)

Year Eleven          3.4   (13pts)

Year 11 boys battled it out against a combined Year 10 + 9 team in this hugely entertaining game on 29 November which was only won by the younger team in the very late stages of the game. Best for winners, the Combined team were Do Le Anh Quoc, Nguyen Van Manh, Nguyen Thanh Dat and the very skillful, Vu Cong Tuyen Thang, pound for pound, the best player on the pitch.

The Viet Celts


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