South Asian Gaelic Games – Singapore

DCVC2                  The Viet Celts and Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh

The Viet Celts travelled to Singapore for the South Asian Gaelic Games (SAGG) on 25 May 2013. Below is an update by Colm ‘Il Professore’ Ross followed by a short report from the May issue of the Mullingar Democrat.

Well done all who traveled to Singapore for the South Asian Gaelic Games (SAGG). Although we didn’t come back with a trophy we played our hearts out and didn’t let the club down.

JOD1                                              John O’Dowd, deep in thought

 Star man Justin with a top scoring performance (1-4) at corner forward deserves a special mention as well as Wild Bill who had to keep the shackles on a few dirty boyos from Ballydehob and other wild and remote environs. Mr John O Dowd, Jim ‘The Brick’ Kiernan, Melbourne Dave and Donie ‘The Tank’ Engine caused enough havoc to leave some of the ‘elite’ performers from the powerhouses of Singapore and KL dizzy, sore and confused.

 Jim Dien Dien                                                    Tá an Diabhal ag teacht

The girls (who were also up against it) had a great win in their last game due to some brilliant team work and never say die mentality to help send Claire home to Ireland with a smile on her face. Needless to say Claire scored three inspirational goals and a couple of points to seal the victory.

Duracelts1                                                   Viet Celts Ladies (Duracelts)

Full report to appear in the Mullingar Democrat (VC Blog) in the near future.

 Colm Ross


 Singapore Report

The Curse

 Six weeks before the tournament, we had a fairly strong men’s team travelling  to defend the South Asian Plate which we had won the year before.  However, Dan Coloe broke his arm. Shortly after, John Shoulders had an unfortunate collision with a taxi after spending six months successfully coming back from a knee injury. Then Tamie Pyper decided to wash his UK passport in anticipation of getting a Scottish one. These incidents were only a fraction of the problems. The trip was cursed from the beginning and a skeleton crew traveled down which was naturally involved in a few difficult games. Not even the intervention of former Viet Celts goalkeeper, Shane Golden in the Middle East and a blessing from a Coptic priest shortly before the tournament could lift the shadows.

Shane G                                  Shane Golden with his Coptic confessor

  The Positives

All the same, there were a lot of positives. The final match against Jakarta was a very enjoyable affair in which we got a fair result, a draw. Well done also to VC Men’s Player of the Tournament, Justin ‘Rude Boi’ Stevenson who put together a very respectable personal tally over the four games and announced his arrival to the Gaelic Football world. ‘Wild Bill’ Langslet had his best tournament for the VC to date. David Nicholls from Melbourne was in flying form for the first three games before he had to leave for a Bon Jovi concert.

Colm and JC5                      Jimmy Clarke with his hurling confessor, Colm Ross

The Hurling

 Jimmy Clarke of Mullinahone set Colm Ross of Louth up for a few well-taken scores in the hurling exhibition as VC representatives. Donie Fitz’s aversion to daytime hurling continued such was his fanatical concentration on the finer points of refereeing in the Gaelic Football which complemented John O’Dowd’s aversion to the finer points of refereeing.

Colm and JC3                         Former Louth County hurler, Colm Ross

The Sadness

The Viet Celts Ladies (Duracelts) continued their team rebuilding and had great camaraderie in the group which led to a fantastic win against Malaysia. The tenacious,  Catherine Ganley was back starring for the Duracelts.

The Hardy Lassies 1                           Three lovely girls and an evil sprite

Sadly, it was the final tournament for the great Claire Coughlan after her many outstanding achievements with the Duracelts from 2010-13. On the day, the commentary words of Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh were no finer a testament to her quality, “this girl would walk on to any team in Ireland.”

 Claire1              This little girl would walk on to any team in Ireland

The Acknowledgements

Thanks to Singapore Gaelic Lions who did a wonderful job with the tournament and made us all feel very welcome as well as organising the award in memory of our clubman, Eugene Moloney. The MVP award for the Mens’ competition was called after him. This was the idea of Singapore Chairman, Paraic McGrath.

Trophy 1                                                            Eugene Moloney Award

A photo of the award was taken back to Vietnam, framed and presented to Eugene’s girlfriend, Chi. It now hangs in Chi’s Café in Saigon. If you are visiting Saigon, Chi’s Cafe is an excellent place to stay or dine and you can always be assured of a friendly reception.

Chi2                                                               In Chi’s Cafe, Saigon

Congratulations to Malaysia who took our crown of the South Asian Mens’ Plate. Well done to Jakarta Dragonflies who have put a lot of good work into spreading the game in Indonesia. They deservedly won the South Asian Club of the Year.

VC Tour Manager           VC Tour Manager, Noppy, happy enough with her charges

DCVC                                          The Duracelts and Viet Celts relax

Stage1                                             Posing on the stage without a trophy

The Mullingar Democrat.


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