Brydie McMullan brings Gaelic Football to Cambodia

20130501_103131 Brydie McMullan from Canada has introduced Gaelic Football to her school, International School of Phnom Penh in Cambodia as part of their invasion games program.  She has already done two different  blocks of sessions with the girls and with the boys. Judging by the photos, everybody seems to be enjoying themselves which is half the battle.


As far as we know, this is the first Gaelic Football to be played in Cambodia which makes Brydie the mother of Cambodian Gaelic Football. It comes about through an initiative from Mike Clifford of playing exhibition Gaelic Football games between Hanoi International School (HIS) and Vietnam Australia School (VAS) at MRISA (Mekong River International Schools Association) soccer tournaments.


Brydie trained with the Viet Celt Ladies (Duracelts) in Hanoi to get a handle on the fundamentals of the game. On her departure, the Viet Celts presented Brydie with a special edition Dublin O’Neills match-ball sent by Ger O’Connor of Dublin GAA.


Three Asian Gulf Board (AGB) officials, Joe Trolan, Chairman ; Ronan Lenihan, South Asian Officer and Peter Mooney, Development Officer have since been in touch to offer support. The Viet Celts and the AGB wish Brydie every success.

Jim Kiernan



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