VAS Hanoi win the Mekong River Exhibition


VAS Juniors 5.2 (17pts)

HIS Juniors  3.5 (14pts)

Vietnam Australia School (VAS) and Hanoi International School (HIS) played an extremely entertaining U15 exhibition match of Gaelic Football at the MRISA  (Mekong River International Schools Association) soccer tournament in Hanoi on 6 April, 2013 hosted by the United Nations International School (UNIS). VAS is an all Vietnamese school and HIS is a school for international students. The match was 7-a-side and organised by the Viet Celts Gaelic Football Club.


These exhibition Gaelic Football games were proposed by the HIS Director of Gaelic Football, Mike Clifford of Gloucester, England. The idea is to use them as a platform to demonstrate the positive qualities of Gaelic Football and help introduce the sport to other schools in the Mekong River area. On the basis of the first exhibition game in Hanoi in February, a school in Cambodia has already placed Gaelic Football on their sports program.  If the Viet Celts could clone Mike Clifford and send a copy of him around to every province in Vietnam, Gaelic Football would expand exponentially in this country.


To promote Gaelic Football, the organisers could not have asked for a better contest from the players on Saturday with some wonderful skills on show. With three seconds to go the result was still in the balance with coaches shouting on encouragement from the sideline and a good number of spectators drawn in to the ebb and flow of the battle. Talking to the soccer coaches after the game, they said that they were most impressed with the speed of Gaelic Football, the passing movements and the commitment of the players to win the ball.


For VAS, Nguyen Van Manh, Do Le Anh Quoc, Nguyen The Hung  and Nguyen Thanh Dat all chipped in with some very important scores but the VAS victory was built on a solid defensive performance by Nguyen Quang Anh and Nguyen Trong Tan together with their goalkeeper Hoang Truong Duy. IMGP1973


HIS had some outstanding players on the team with Viktor Husak of the Czech Republic being particularly influential.  Sung Wook Baek, Daniel Papendieck, Peter Jong Seong Kim and Wo Chan also made important contributions. Quick hand passing and soloing skills by VAS contrasted with excellent high fielding by HIS.


Thanks to UNIS and MRISA for facilitating the playing of the game and also to Education in Ireland and Movenpick Hotel – Hanoi for their continued support of the Viet Celts Schools Gaelic Football Programme. Tran Viet Tien, Cao Thi Huyen Huong and Nguyen Van Tien were particularly helpful in throwing the logistics together. Special mention must go to the referee Claire Coughlan who volunteered at short notice.


VAS Juniors : Hoang Truong Duy , Nguyen Trong Tan, Nguyen Quang Anh, Tran Viet Tien, Nguyen The Duong, Nguyen The Hung, Nguyen Thanh Dat, Do Le Anh Quoc (Capt) , Nguyen Van Manh, Le Phuong Nam, Nguyen Nhat Hoang

HIS Juniors: Sung Wook Baek, Daniel Papendieck, Peter Jong Seong Kim (Capt , Jamie Martin , Ji Sung Park, Jae Hoon Choi, Viktor Husak. Wo Chan, The Nguyen

 Jim Kiernan

 Mekong River Exhibition on Hogan Stand Ireland’s premier Gaelic Games magazine


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