Hanoi Exhibition Gaelic Cup

IMG_9685[1]                                      A fantastic leap for the ball by a HIS player

Hanoi International School   2.0 (6 pts)

Vietnam Australia School      0.1 (1 pt)

An exhibition game of Gaelic Football was played in the middle of the MRISA(Mekong River International Schools Association) soccer tournament on Saturday 23rd February in Hanoi. The game was between two local schools, Hanoi International School (HIS) and Vietnam Australia School (VAS) at Xuan La Stadium. The day itself was the first balmy day of an early Hanoi spring.

HIS dominated this game through some fine passing movements and a willingness to contest every ball. It was also a match characterised by stout defending and missed opportunities. VAS were strangely lacklustre in this senior boys competition which might have had something to do with over exuberant Vietnamese New Year celebrations.

Yongeui ShinHIS Captain, Yongeui Shin receives the cup from Shane Culbertson of the VC

HIS Captain, Yongeui Shin capped a great performance by scoring the two goals that decided the game. VAS Captain, Tran Trung Hieu was best for his team also scoring their point.

Congratulations to HIS Senior Boys Coach, Leo Dyar on a well marshalled team. Apparently bonfires were lit in his native Co. Mayo when the news filtered through. This result means that in the last 9 months, three schools, Hanoi Academy, VAS and HIS have each won a senior competition which is good overall for Schools Gaelic Football in Vietnam.

Whilst being interviewed after the game HIS Director of Gaelic Football, Mr Michael Clifford said in reference to this fact that “It will make for an interesting tournament in March!” The All-Vietnam Schools cup is to be played on 16 March at the VAS Sportsground in My Dinh, Hanoi from 2pm-6pm.

Thanks to HIS and MRISA for the invitation to put on this exhibition Gaelic Football game. Special thanks to Dave Cunningham for refereeing the match. Tom ‘Tamey’ Pyper  was absolutely immense in the run up to the game, helping out with the coaching and the preparations.


The VAS team, supporters and Brian Mac Domhnaill of the Viet Celts

The Viet Celts


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