VC Presentation to the Minister of State


Ambassador Cole, Chairman Ross, HRH Claire Coughlan and Minister Cannon

VC Chairman, Colman Ross presented VC polo shirts to both the Minister of State at the Department of Education and Skills, Mr Ciaran Cannon TD and to Mr Terry Mc Parland, Manager, Education in Ireland at Enterprise Ireland, Dublin on the occasion of their visit to Hanoi in December.

A Duracelts jersey was also presented by the Duracelts Captain, Claire Coughlan. Both visitors were delighted to get a memento of their visit from the Viet Celts and Duracelts. Michael Garvey of Enterprise Ireland was in attendance as well.


Michael Garvey, Terry Mc Parland and Colm Ross

Minister Cannon is a keen GAA supporter and ex hurler for Killimor (East Galway) and was very interested to learn about the Viet-Celts and their vibrant schools Gaelic Football initiative supported by Education in Ireland.

The Viet Celts



Swans-Celts Quiz team qualify for Hanoi Megaminds Final

In spite of themselves and their lofty ambitions of finishing in a respectable 3rd position, the Swans-Celts Quiz team finished 2nd in the Hanoi Mega Minds Quiz qualifiers on Friday 16 November and qualified for the final on Wednesday 5 December.

The idea was to play two good rounds and have a total collapse in rounds three and four. However snatching victory from the jaws of 3rd place, the suave and urbane, John Shoulders from Santa Rosa, California played a captain’s role and urged his troops on to be better than the sum of their parts, leading by example in the music round and bringing his team home.


                          The suave and urbane John Shoulders

Irish Embassy wins Lovely Tent Competition

Not to be outdone, two days later on Sunday 18 November, the multitasking Duracelts Captain, Claire Coughlan and her minions pulled off the coup of the decade winning the Lovely Tent Competition at the UNIS Bazaar for the Irish Embassy and Nation. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Lovely tent             The Irish Embassy – winner of the Lovely Tent Competition

Swan-Celts Quiz Team in the Hanoi Megaminds Final

The Swans-Celts Quiz Team, a Vietnam Swans and Viet Celts cerebral amalgamation played in the final of the Hanoi Megaminds Quiz on Wednesday, 5 December. They gave a very good account of themselves but had to give way to more competitive outfits such as the Irish Embassy who were leading until the last round. The Swans-Celts team for the final was Dan ‘formerly known as Crazy’ Hopkins, John Shoulders, Jim Kiernan, Tamey Pyper, Noel Swan and Adam Nash.

The Hanoi Megaminds Quiz competition is the brainchild of the carefree and jaunty, Daragh Halpin. The idea was to raise money for the Blue Dragon charity which does a lot of good work for underprivileged children in Vietnam. In his objectives, Daragh succeeded amazingly,  raising over US $3000 for Blue Dragon. The Viet Celts and Vietnam Swans were happy to play a small part in this and look forward to the competition next year.

Jim Kiernan


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