Nong Van To hopes to take Gaelic Football to Cao Bang

IMG20121108_003                                Jim Kiernan and Nong Van To

Nong Van To, VAS sports teacher has been helping out with the Gaelic Football program at the Vietnam Australia School (VAS) in Hanoi as well as training with the Viet Celts. He is returning to his native Cao Bang province in the North East of Vietnam near the border with China to take up a new position. He will be training school children in various sports and hopes to introduce Gaelic Football to Cao Bang province.

leinster-gaaOn the occasion of his departure in November, the Viet Celts presented him with an O’Neills match-ball which was a gift specially sent over by the Asian Gulf Board and the Leinster Council. The street value of an O’Neills match-ball is about US $70 but here in Vietnam they are priceless, as they are very difficult to get.


His colleagues and friends at VAS and the Viet Celts wish him the very best in his future endeavours.

Jim Kiernan



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