The VC and Duracelts at the AGG 2012


                          The Viet Celts and the Duracelts

Asian Mens’ Plate : Saturday’s Results

Viet Celts 1.6 (9pts)   v  Malaysia B 2.1 (7pts)

Viet Celts 3.4 (13pts) v Thailand 2.2 (8pts)

Viet Celts 2.6 (12pts) v  India 0.0 (0pts)

Busan         2.4 (10pts) v  Viet Celts 0.4 (4pts)

The Asian Gaelic Games 2012 was played in Kuala Lumpur, Malayisa on October 27-28.  Considering the standard of the opposition, the Viet Celts probably had their best Saturday start yet of an AGG with three fine wins in the burning sun, followed by one hard fought loss in the driving rain. The final group table finished like this.

Mens’ Asian Plate

Group C1










Busan 4
4  o  o 43 20 23 8
Viet Celts 4 3 1  o 38 25 13 6
Malaysia B 4 2 2  o 34 28 6 4
Thailand 4 1 3  o 19 40 -21 2
India 4
 o 4  o 10 31 -21 o

However, on the Sunday in the knockout stages, they came up against their old rivals, the Mongol Khans and paid the price for failing to contain the Mongolian no. 5, who did the damage. The final score was

Mongol Khans 1.2 (5pts) v Viet Celts 0.4 (4pts).

Overall it was a good tournament for the VC. However,  it was disappointing to go down by a point for the second year in a row against the Mongol Khans. At the same time, the Viet Celts can remain justifiably proud of  their efforts over the weekend led by their debonaire captain, John O’Dowd (JOD) of Kerry who put over all the the VC scores in the Mongol Khans game.

Full report to follow by Luke Kenny

The Duracelts at the AGG 2012


                                          The Duracelts

The Duracelts had a difficult day of it on the Saturday being up against tough opposition in the Asian Ladies A Cup.

However they came firing back on the Sunday nearly toppling their old rivals, Malaysia Ladies in an inspiring  Asian Ladies B Cup quarter final. The final score in the end was

Malaysia 2.3 (9pts) v Duracelts 1.3 (6pts)

Full report to follow by the Duracelts


                    The Viet Celts, Duracelts and Ambassador Cole

Thanks to the Orang Eire GAA club and the AGG 2012 organising committee for doing a wonderful job on the games.

The Viet Celts


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