The All Ireland and VC Draw in Jaspas

VC stalwarts, Justin Stevenson and Luke Kenny share a moment

On 23 September 2012, at Jaspas Bar in Hanoi, the Viet Celts hosted the All Ireland Final between Donegal and Mayo in conjuction with Jaspas Bar and Education in Ireland. As well as this, the 2nd VC 100 club draw also took place. VC Events Officer, Kieran Tierney did a lot of fine work putting the night together. The VC 100 Club sub-committee worked tirelessly behind the scenes in darkened rooms and badly lit corridors bringing order to an otherwise chaotic and unforgiving world.

The Education in Ireland banner at the event

VC Chairman, Colm Ross MCed proceedings in Jaspas in a dignified and jovial fashion and VC Secretary, Mike Clifford organised the draw. Jaspas manager, Jamie Hills was particularly influential in dealing with and solving logistical problems in an efficient and joyous manner as they arose during the night. John Burke organised the bettting competition on the outcome of the game.

A special thanks to the Irish Embassy who provided two signed rugby jerseys by Brian O’Driscoll for auction. The Duracelts also provided a Boston GAA jersey for the auction. Many thanks to Jaspas, Puku and the House of Son Tinh who provided prizes for raffle. Thanks to all the people such as Daragh O’Halpin, Donie Fitzpatrick and Mairead Condon who participated in the auction and raffle. Well done to Justin Stevenson, Claire Coughlan and Phuong di Donie who sold a lot of raffle tickets.

Winners of the 2nd VC 100 Club draw are below. Congratulations to them.  Thanks very much to all VC 100 club members for their support.

Ticket no 39= Greg Barry 10million VND
Ticket no 100= Louisa Lambert 3million VND
Ticket no 97= Bernard Casey 2million VND

R. Ironbottom, broooding, mysterious yet incredibly real

The night was going swimmingly until R. Ironbottom got his swag on and then accidentally sat on a marble table which collapsed under him. He was the recipient of a stern but controlled lecture from Jaspas management and promised in future to use tables as tables and chairs as chairs. Club Officials then promptly escorted him from the premises lest he murder some innocent bystander with his now infamous bottom.

Greg Barry, a picture of contentment, until the money runs out

Jim Kiernan

Viet Celts honoured by the Irish Ambassador

There was a short reception for the South Asian Mens’ Plate 2012 winning side at the Irish Night held in Puku on 5 October 2012. Ambassador Damien Cole spoke about his delight with the Viet Celts’ victory in May beating the hosts Thailand in the final of the South Asian Mens’ Plate at the Pologrounds in Pattaya on 19 May. Captain Tamey Pyper in his maiden speech for the Viet Celts at an official function spoke warmly about the support that the Irish Embassy has given the Viet Celts since the club’s inception in 2007.  Captain Pyper of Edinburgh also spoke of the efforts by the Viet Celts to expand the game beyond its traditional base and introduce it to people of different nationalities and different codes.



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