Inaugural VC 100 Club Draw in Puku

On June 8. 2012, the first VC 100 Club Draw took place in Puku Café, Hanoi. The VC 100 Club sub-committee did tremendous work in the run up to the draw led especially by Colm Ross and Mike Clifford with Kieran Tierney and Dan Burns pitching in solidly.

A happy Tamey Pyper of Edinburgh, 1st prize winner

The sugar babe on the night itself was the one and only Mike Clifford of Gloucester who sang, danced and administrated his little socks off as he improvised a song containing apt references to the Viet Celts there present. He also played a selection of his Spanish favourites on some class of a plucked string instrument which was not a lute. This went down a treat with the crowd especially Dan Burns of London who was overcome with the emotion and pathos embedded within Mr Michael’s music. Everyone was, needless to add, fresh for VC training the next day.

An even happier Tamey Pyper

The Viet Celts would like to thank Puku Café for hosting the event with assistant manager, Cuong doing a lot to facilitate it together with the VC Volunteers. We would especially like to thank all the VC 100 Club Members  who supported the club by buying tickets in many corners of the world and those who helped to sell them. Mexico’s finest Gaelic Footballer, Hugo Balandra did a fine job with the poster.

A dapper Noel Swan of Tasmania receives 3rd prize from Jim Kiernan

Hearty congratulations to the inaugural VC 100 draw winners. They are

1st Prize: 10,000,000VND Tamey Pyper
2nd Prize 3,000,000VND Tim Costigan

3rd Prize 2,000,000VND Noel Swan

The next draw will be before the All-Ireland Gaelic Football Final in Jaspas, Hanoi Towers on 23 September. More details to follow.

The Viet Celts


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