Viet Celts Hanoi Schools Cup 2012

On the afternoon of St Patrick’s Day, Saturday 17 March from 1pm-4pm the Viet Celts will hold the Hanoi Schools Cup at the Vietnam Australia School in the My Dinh I Residential Area, Tu Liem District of Hanoi. There will be two competitions, one for boys and one for girls.

Among the schools competing in the boys competition are Hanoi Academy (HA) coached by Seamus Doran and Vietnam Australia School (VAS) coached by Jim Kiernan and Shane Culbertson. Making their debut in the boys competition is Hanoi International School (HIS) with the dream coaching panel of Head Coach, Mike ‘The Bull’ Clifford, ably assisted by Brandon ‘The Fox’ Gauthier with the help also of Gaelic Football consultant,  Colm Ross.

Competitive Schools Gaelic Football for girls will be played for the first time in Hanoi when HIS Buffalos take on the HIS Dreckos. Ms Lisa Hughes will be marshaling the teams for this historic occasion.

The best player in the girl’s competition will win the Catherine Ganley Award. Catherine has been captain of the Duracelts for the last two years as well as being one of the two Vice-Chairs of the Viet Celts. She is about to leave Hanoi so this award was named after her in recognition of the great work she has done for ladies football in her time in Vietnam and it is about time she was recognised in this manner.

The best player in the boys competition will win the Jack Kiernan Award. Jack was a martial artist and a cross country runner.  He was a man with a benign sarcastic wit and  never complimented anyone where three or four uncomplimentary comments on one’s character would suffice. Jack was the father of Jim Kiernan. Jim together with Dave Cunningham set up the All Vietnam Schools Cup back in the day.

VTC 10 Television will be there on the day to film and interview the players. The Irish Ambassador, Damien Cole will present medals at the end of the games. The Ambassador conducted the draw at the St Patrick’s Day reception in the Melia hotel on the evening of Friday 16  March. The draw with later revisions is as follows.

Boys: Group Games

VAS Hanoi Hanoi International School                  1:20-1:40     Referee: Seamus Doran

Hanoi International School  v  Hanoi Academy        1:50-2:10     Referee: Jim Kiernan

Hanoi AcademyVAS Hanoi                                        2:20-2:40    Referee: Colm Ross

Girls: Final             

HIS Buffalos  v HIS Dreckos                                         2:45-3:10      Referee: Claire Coughlan

Boys: Final                                                                          3:20-3:45     Referee: Dave Cunningham

Presentations                                                                                          3:45-4:00

The students have been eagerly awaiting the competition for weeks.

Best of luck to all the teams for a very sporting tournament.

The Viet Celts.

Map to the Venue

Contact Seamus Doran for more details



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4 responses to “Viet Celts Hanoi Schools Cup 2012

  1. Bob Patterson

    Great stuff guys, keep up the good work. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day! Wishing I was there in Hanoi. All the best, “Glamorous Bob”

  2. Jim Kiernan

    Good stuff Bob, we have had a life-size cardboard cut out of you done up and it will be on display at the events on the day. It is like you never left.

  3. Jim Kiernan

    It’s fair to middling under the high ball Bob but doesn’t have your tenacity for the breaking ball.

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