VC Christmas Party 2011, House of Son Tinh

Photo: Aidan Dockery

On December 17, ably organised by the able and organised Kieran Tierney, the VC Christmas Party resembled Napoleon’s retreat out of Russia in reverse when one VC after another, independently of Kieran’s good offices, did happenchance upon mishap in different parts of the city. Those sectioned in the House of Son Tinh sent out search parties and also these failed to return. If anybody has any idea what happened, write a report.

Happy Christmas and New Year to Viet Celts and Duracelts past and present, wherever you might be.

Jim Kiernan

Farewell to Christey West

                   Christey West warms up at the AGG 2010 in Hong Kong

Photo: Markus Steffen

In the winter of 2011, the Duracelts farewelled Christey West from New Zealand who was the Duracelts Treasurer for a number of years.  In that time, she kept a tight rein on the Duracelts’ purse strings as well as helping to organise fundraising events. The Duracelts and the Viet Celts wish her the best of luck for the future.

Irish Minister, Jan O’Sullivan visits Hanoi

Minister O’Sullivan, Ambassador Cole, Viet Celts, Duracelts and their families

Irish Minister, Jan O’Sullivan TD visited Hanoi on 28 November where she met the Viet Celts at the Embassy Reception  hosted by the Ambassador of Ireland to Vietnam, Damien Cole . At the time of the visit, she was Minister of State for Trade and Development.

In her speech, she praised the Viet Celts for building bridges between Vietnam and Ireland as well as expanding Gaelic Games beyond their traditional base by getting people of many different nationalities involved in the club.

Bich Ngoc of the Duracelts presented the Minister with both a Duracelts and a Viet Celts shirt. Thanks to Claire Coughlan who marshalled the Viet Celts and Duracelts on the night.

The Viet Celts


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  1. Mike

    Never thought I’d see Kieran Tierney and Napoleon mentioned in the same sentence. The whole thing is as big a mystery as the disappearance of the crew of the Maire Celeste. I’m baffled me.

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