Summer Series 2011- Matchday 2

                                                          Glamorous Bob Patterson          

Photo: Markus Steffen

On 4 June, the Viet Celts and the Vietnam Swans met for the second time in the space of a week at the UNIS Sports Grounds in Matchday 2 of the Summer Series. The spectators were treated to two games for the price of one on the same day as both Gaelic Football and Australian Rules were played.

The Viet Celts narrowly won the Gaelic Football in an exciting game but got right royally thumped in the Australian Rules. The Gaelic Football was a testimonial for Glamorous Bob Patterson and the Australian Rules was a testimonial for Mark ‘Willy’ Williams. Both games were 7-a-side. Each game was played over two halves of 10 minutes.

Glamorous Bob Patterson Testimonial

Viet Celts            3.3 (12 pts)

Vietnam Swans   3.1 (10 pts)

  Nguyen Ngoc Quynh, the difference between the sides in the Gaelic Football

Photo: Markus Steffen

This game went right down to the wire with the Viet Celts holding on to record a two-point victory. The difference between the sides was All-Star, Nguyen Ngoc Quynh who scored 2 goals and a point. Best for the Vietnam Swans were Jamie Spice who scored 2 goals and Mark ‘Willy’ Williams who scored 1 goal and a point. Tammy Pyper was in flying form for the Viet Celts and Jim Kiernan contributed 1 goal and a point. Glamorous Bob Patterson captained the side. Glamorous Bob later received a VC Legend award on his departure from Hanoi for his commendable service to the VC over the years as a player in far flung tournaments and as Club Secretary both on and off the road.


Viet Celts: Nguyen Ngoc Quynh 2.1; Jim Kiernan 1.1; Tammy Pyper 0.1

Vietnam Swans: Jamie Spice 2.0; Mark Wiliams 1.1

Mark ‘Willy’ Williams Testimonial

                           Mark ‘Willy’ Williams sporting the famous Swans blazer

Vietnam Swans      8 goals

Viet Celts                      2 goals

As there were no behind posts available, scores were counted on goals only. The Swans familiarity and skills with the Sherrin were clear for all to see as they raced into a 6 goals to 0 goals advantage in the first half of this game. Jamie Spice was unstoppable with three goals, Dave Diviny scored two goals and Mark ‘Willy’ Williams scored one. In the second half Nguyen Ngoc Quynh and Jim Kiernan pulled back one each for the Viet Celts before Dan Kindness and Shannon Nicklason closed out the scoring for the Vietnam Swans. On a positive, the Viet Celts matched the Swans for scoring in the second half but the damage was well and truly done in that blistering first half by the Swans.

 Scorers (All scores are goals)

Vietnam Swans: Jamie Spice 3; David Diviny 2; Mark Williams 1; Dan Kindness 1; Shannon Nicklason 1

Viet Celts: Nguyen Ngoc Quynh 1; Jim Kiernan 1

The Viet Celts


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