All-Ireland Final Night, Hanoi

On 18 September 2011, for the first time ever, the All Ireland Gaelic Football Final was broadcast live in Hanoi. This event was organised by the Viet Celts in association with Jaspas, Hanoi Towers. Our Events Officer, Kieran Tierney did a lot of work  putting the night together.

Full report to follow by Kieran Tierney in which he would also like to thank our sponsors and others involved in the night.

                              Owen Timon and Jim Kiernan outside Croke Park

Meanwhile in Dublin, Colm Ross and Jim Kiernan were at the All Ireland Final between Dublin and Kerry and ran into ACB Youth Development coach Owen Timon, outside Croke Park. Owen had spent time with the Viet Celts in Vietnam in May and he was obviously delighted that his native county had won their first All-Ireland in 16 years.

The Viet Celts

Farewell to Sarah Morgan

                       Sarah Morgan in action at the AGG 2010 in Hong Kong

Photo: Markus Steffen

In the autumn of 2011, the Duracelts farewelled Sarah Morgan from Boston who was the Duracelts PRO for a number of years. She attended all of the Duracelts tournaments in that time and the club would like to both thank her for her work for the Duracelts and the Viet Celts and wish her well in the future.

Thanks to John O’Dowd

        Kerry John on the ball and with murder in his eyes at the AGG 2010 in HK

Photo: Markus Steffen

The Viet Celts would like to thank John O’Dowd who took part of the training in the build-up to Korea while he was over in Hanoi for the summer.  John grew up playing with the famous Dingle club in Co. Kerry and introduced some new drills and ideas under advice from his brother who is coaching in Kerry. Thanks also to the rest of the lads who chipped in to keep the show on the road in the build-up to the AGG 2011.

Jim Kiernan


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