Youth Gaelic Football Update

In photo: Seamus Doran

Taken by: Markus Steffen

In October 2010  Seamus Doran was appointed Youth Development Officer for Vietnam. Already he has brought an extraordinary level of enthusiasm to the post. He also took over as coach in Hanoi Academy (HA) and has his players out training on Saturday mornings after school come rain or shine.

In the same month, venerable Coach Forde started up a Gaelic Football program at Singapore International School,  Hanoi (SIS) with amazing numbers turning out, getting on average 25 students per session.

Hoang Nam earlier in the year with Minister Conor Lenihan and Jim Kiernan

On 11 December all sections of the Viet Celts including the youth section came together in UNIS for an end of season game before the Christmas break. Pham Tuan Phong and Hoang ‘Baby’ Nam represented the youth section with Nam knocking in six goals against opposition twice his size. It was great to see Pham Tuan Phong back visiting from Singapore and keeping in touch with his Gaelic roots.

In photo: Ha Dinh Huy

Taken by: Markus Steffen

Ha Dinh Huy and Nguyen Ngoc Quynh accepted posts as coaches for the VC Youth team at the get-together after the game. It is most beneficial to have members of the senior squad helping out.

Jim Kiernan


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