VC Christmas Party 2010 : House of Son Tinh

Lana Le takes a well deserved break in Hong Kong, her work done

On 17 December 2010, the House of Son Tinh hosted the VC Christmas Party. The night was magnificently put together by our new Events Officer, Kieran Tierney and was made possible by the VC Quiz team’s stunning 3rd place victory at the Hanoi Dragons Quiz.

During the event, a Viet Celts Legend award and a gift voucher were presented by Martin MacMahon and Aidan Dockery respectively to Lana Le for her organising and logistical work for the Viet Celts during the year in particular for getting three teams to Hong Kong at affordable rates and helping out with the All-Vietnam Schools Cup and Hanoi 1000 Gaelic Cup.

In photo: Dan Dockery

Taken by: Markus Steffen

Dan Dockery of the House of Son Tinh was a very gentlemanly host on the night and even managed to chase off his German alter ego who in an attempt to break a physiological dependency had broken a young lady’s cigarettes.

The Viet Celts


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