Away Days: VC on the Wireless

Whilst the VC were having their end of season game in Hanoi on 11 December 2010, back in Ireland a radio programme was being broadcast for the first time on Dublin’s premier station, Newstalk 106-108 FM which contained many interviews with Viet Celts, Duracelts and the Gaelic Footballers from VAS Hanoi.

A meal under Long Bien Bridge after the final training session before Bangkok

The program is called Different Voices and this particular episode was called Away Days. It was put together by Eilis Staunton who had been commissioned to do a program on the Asian Gaelic Games 2009 in Bangkok and she chose the club representing Vietnam as the team to follow in the build-up to the tournament.

During the course of the program, she interviewed Viet Celts: Sean Hoy, Jim Kiernan, Josh Kempinski, Mark Radley-Walters and Duc Toan Pham. Duracelts: Marion Labatut, Angelika Wasielke and Tran Hanh Nhung as well as hearing from Nhung’s elegant and well spoken mother. The Viet Celts and Duracelts were interviewed in both Hanoi in the build up to the tournament and in Bangkok during the AGG.

Eilis Staunton interviews the Duracelts at the AGG 2009 in Bangkok

Eilis also came out to VAS Hanoi to interview the next generation of Vietnamese Gaelic Football stars about their reasons for playing the game.

Nguyen Duc Thang, a talented Gaelic Footballer, who had been at the school for only two months said that Gaelic Football helped him to integrate and make friends when he first arrived. Most of his classmates and a lot of the students in his year played the game. Nguyen Duy Hung talked about the speed and strategy of the sport.

Eilis did a fantastic job with the editing and throwing the whole thing together and it was certainly worth the wait. It is a very up-beat program and is a good advertisement for the both multiculturalism of the Viet Celts and the vibrancy of Gaelic Games in Asia in general.

Eilis enjoying the company of the Duracelts with their shiny new medals

A link to the program Away Days can be found in the Websites of note section on this site.

Jim Kiernan


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