All Stars, Kuala Lumpur

Quynh, Tara, Mags, Claire and Ambassador Collins with the Sam Maguire

Photo: Ray McManus

On 26 November 2010, a VC travelling party of seven left  Hanoi in various flying objects and travelled down to Kuala Lumpur to attend the All Stars on 27 November.  The travelling party included the three Asian All-Stars, Nguyen Ngoc Quynh, Tara MacMahon and Claire Coughlan plus Jim Kiernan, Martin MacMahon, Mags Gaynor and the Irish Ambassador to Vietnam, Maeve Collins.

Micheal O’Muircheartaigh, Nguyen Ngoc Quynh and Jim Kiernan

Jim Kiernan played in the International Rules game for the Malaysian Warriors AFL against Orang Eire as well as making a guest appearance in the Asian All-Stars game.  Nguyen Ngoc Quynh played in the Asian All-Stars game as well as making a guest appearance in the Irish All-Stars game.  Tara MacMahon and Claire Coughlan played in the Ladies Asian All-Star game with Mags Gaynor making a guest appearance.

Martin MacMahon took a lot of important video footage as well as ensuring everybody got out alive on the Sunday morning. Ambassador Maeve Collins cheered and cried her heart out with happiness at the turn of events.

Highlights included Nguyen Ngoc Quynh scoring a point from play and the winning penalty for the 2009 Irish All-Stars against the 2010 Irish All-Stars and Tara MacMahon and Claire Coughlan combining for the winning goal in the Ladies Asian All-Star game. Jim Kiernan scored an over (3pts) in the International Rules game for the Malaysian Warriors against Orang Eire.  Malaysia Warriors recorded a fine victory in the end thanks to some very unselfish play from all the players combining as a unit.

Ambassador Collins, GAA President Christy Cooney and the Mighty Quynh

Photo: Ray McManus

Quynh’s guest appearance in the Irish All-Stars game came about from a suggestion by Claire and Mags to the voice of Gaelic Games, Micheal O’Muircheartaigh who ran with the idea and got a few more people involved including Christy Cooney, President of the GAA and Paraic McGrath, Chairman of the ACB.  Down Legend, James McCartan and manager of the 2009 All-Stars team saw merit in the proposal and graciously agreed to have Quynh on the 2009 All-Stars.  Fair play to all involved for having the vision to suggest or put together what became a great advertisement for the internationalising of Gaelic Games.

Quynh introduces himself to his new teammates before the game

Photo: Ray McManus

Respect must go to the both sets of Irish All-Stars particularly the 2009 All Stars who were very welcoming to Quynh, made sure he was brought into plays and celebrated wholeheartedly with him at the end. Both sets of Irish All-Stars were a credit to Gaelic Footballers everywhere.

Quynh carried shoulder high after the game by the 2009 All-Stars

Photo: Ray McManus

After the game, VC Shirts were presented to Vodafone GAA Footballer of the Year, Bernard Brogan whose uncle, Olly Brogan was a great supporter of the Viet Celts in the early days.  Bernard was also given one to bring home to his Oliver Plunkett’s clubmate, Jason Sherlock. VC Vice-Chairman, Colm Ross sent two VC shirts to be presented to his countyman, Louth midfielder and star of 2010, Paddy Keenan one of which was to be brought back to his Louth manager, Peter Fitzpatrick

Malaysian GAA club, Orang Eire must be commended for organising a spectacular weekend in conjunction with the ACB and Vodafone.

Special mention must go to Comhairle Liathróid Láimhe na hÉireann who sent some equipment over to KL with Declan Fanning to help the Viet Celts as we try and get a handball section off the ground in the near future.

A final thanks to the great Ray McManus who provided four of the five photos in this post

The Viet Celts

Full report on the various games of the weekend to follow by Martin MacMahon


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