Hanoi Dragons Quiz Night

                                The VC Quiz team share a light-hearted moment

On 27 October, 2010, the VC Quiz Team went down to Jaffas in Ciputra to support our friends from Hanoi Dragons rugby club as they organized their quiz night. The Hanoi Dragons had turned out for the Viet Celts during the Hanoi 1000 Gaelic Cup so it was time to return the favour.

 The team consisted of Colm Ross, Jim Kiernan, Mike Clifford, Kieran Tierney and was ably captained by the savant, Nick Canning.  Seldom in the annals of quiz warfare have so few done so much for so many. By careful positioning and a strategy second to two, these intellectual pygmy gods were able to make off with third prize which was a half-price night at the House of Son Tinh for the whole club. This prize was put up by Dan Dockery of the House of Son Tinh.

First prize was a voucher for a spa treatment and a beauty hamper and the winners of that were as happy with theirs as we were with ours.

Jim Kiernan


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