OE/VC Barbarians in Jakarta


                                                OE/VC Barbarians in all their glory

Coming off an emphatic victory over the Swans the Saturday before, spirits were high, heading into the South East Asian Games in Jakarta on 29 May 2010. 
An amalgamation team was put together representing Malaysia B and Vietnam called the OE/VC Barbarians. The team played in the new Viet Celts red strip.

Five players represented the Viet Celts:  Jim, Bob, Gareth, Shane, and a beardless Mark da Beard.  Six players came from Malaysia B:  Sloppy, Ruari, Mike, Jeff, Vic and Ronan. Jim was playing five weeks after a knee operation and Ronan was not long back from a broken leg. As injuries forced other pivotal players out, the Barbarians were later joined by Nitan from Jakarta and later still by Malaysia Bs, James and Jason, when they had sorted out some logistical problems. For this brave hearted crew, the first two games were a veritable charge of the light brigade.

Let us start off on a positive. The most notable moment of the tournament from a Vietnam point of view came from the Duracelts.  Elisa broke her nose from an elbow in the first game against Singapore.  She had broken that same nose from a different elbow back in October against Singapore in Bangkok at the AGG 2009. So she went to the hospital, got it checked out, came back at halftime of their next game. She got into the game, scored a point and set up the game winning goal over Malaysia.

The Barbarians got off to a rough start playing the eventual champions Singapore Whites in the first game.  The second game was against Jakarta and having only played one game together, our team was just barely beginning to gel. The third game was against Malaysia A. The Barbarians played well against a strong Malaysian squad with an amazing  penalty save from the Barbarians keeper, Shane and some good scores on the board thanks to Jason and Nitan. The fourth game was against Singapore Reds, the eventual runners up.  This was easily our best game of the tourney frustrating the Reds in the first half with Gareth strong in defense and Bob creating glamorous counter-attacking opportunities.  Team spirit was at an all time high as we headed back out on the pitch for the last 7 minutes.  Scores came from Jason and Jim, but unfortunately Singapore Reds came out on top. It was a great game and finished up a good day of sport overall after we had weathered the initial storm.

On to what matters most when the football boots are put away, the nightlife.  With only one night to give Jakarta a go, we made the most of it.  This night would not be possible without the support of Bob and his small shoes which fit me like a glove and made it possible for me to enter the swanky establishment called Red Square.  Myself, Jim, Gareth and Nitan entered the club and put out the vibe like nobody’s business.  Nitan was able to coax Jim onto what can only be described as a catwalk and Jim did his little turn on the catwalk. Style and grace.  Pure class.

The Viet Celts would like to thank Iranian photographer Nasrin Saadat who spent the day with us and showed her expertise at sports photography by taking many memorable photos. The Viet Celts would also like to congratulate the Jakarta Dragonflies who organized an excellent tournament.

 Mark Radley-Walters

Captain OE/VC Barbarians


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One response to “OE/VC Barbarians in Jakarta

  1. Jim Kiernan

    Excellent post Mark, you had a fine tournament yourself, if I might be so bold as to say and particularly so since you had the added responsibility of captaining the side which would have weighed a lesser man down.

    Fair play to you for congratulating the Jakarta Dragonflies on organising a great tournament. It’s always nice to see the organisers getting a bit of credit for all their sweat and tears.

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