Summer Series 2010: Matchday 2

Viet Celts           10.5 (35 pts)

Vietnam Swans   3.2 (11pts)

On 22 May 2010, the Viet Celts and the Vietnam Swans played each other in the second game of the May Series. The Viet Celts were at almost full strength though this was not apparent until about two minutes after throw in. The Vietnam Swans put a scratch side together as some of the Hanoi-based Swans had joined their Saigon compatriots in Hong Kong for a game against the Hong Kong Dragons.

However the Swans gallantly stayed apace with the Celts for the first two quarters initially thanks to a cracking goal from Jamie Spice of Australia who if he does not have an O’Reilly in his DNA, definitely has one in his boots. Then, Mark ‘Willy’ Williams of Australia added a second goal to the Swans score sheet with a stupendous shot from 30 yards. Viet Celts goalkeeper, Matteo Buatier of Italy could not do much about it for it was impossible to stop. We are currently checking our archives but Matteo is believed to be the first Italian to turn out for the Viet Celts.

The Swans played their customary immaculate passing game, hunting in packs of three. However on this occasion it did not work as well as in previous games as they left themselves exposed at the back and were it not for the shot stopping of Greg ‘Stano’ Stanton of Australia, the damage might well have been more. Seldom has a keeper conceded 10 goals and been considered for ‘Man of the Match’ but this is exactly what happened and some of the saves were top drawer stuff. It led some people to wonder what he would have been like had he not been carrying an ankle injury.

Throughout the four quarters, goals came for the Viet Celts from a myriad of ways and sources.  Joey ‘The Wisp’ Mullen of Waterford scored two goals from rasping shots to the back of the net and punched in a third. Derek Boyle of Donegal, made a huge contribution with goals and points. His fellow countyman Kevin Dyer scored a fantastic goal in the first quarter. It was a pity that Kevin’s contribution was curtailed by an injury picked up in the same quarter. Barry Watters of Cavan played the second quarter,  scored a goal of balletic artistry and also helped out by refereeing two quarters

                                                Richie Rastall in magnificent form

Viet Celts veterans Ritchie Rastall of England and Dougie Pyper of Scotland were in magnificent form with Ritchie Rastall having probably his best game in a VC shirt both with his general play and his scoring of three fine goals justifying the management’s decision to play him in the full forward role. Dougie Pyper linked the backs and forwards superbly and scored an unstoppable goal after a strong run through midfield. VC Legend Ha Dinh Huy of Hanoi popped over two elegant points from distance.

Jamie Spice scored the third goal for the Vietnam Swans in the last quarter with another cracking strike, buried into the back of the net.

After the game, many of the participants went to the Minsk FC awards and from there on to the leaving bash of another Viet Celts stalwart and all-round Hanoi sportsman, Colin Steely.

Jim Kiernan


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