La Na gClub 2010


                       Fergus Broderick and Jim Kiernan practice their pointing

Emergency and opportunity dovetailed nicely together on 9 May 2010 for La Na gClub (Day of the Club).  GAA HQ had set aside this day for members of clubs all around the world to get together and engage in a non-playing activity. Our new best friends at Guinness had kindly given us 20 crates of Surge Unit Guinness to sell to club members and supporters in an effort to raise money for the club kitty. However lacking surge units we were faced with the problem-solving task of enjoying the black necktar in the fashion in which it was intended.

Club member, Fergus Broderick, propertier of the Irish Wolfhound came to our rescue with an offer of the use of his premises and surge unit at zero expense to celeberate La Na gClub and at the same consume our Guinness in a civilized fashion. It was a very gentlemany gesture from someone who was not gaining financially from the afternoon and highly appreciated by those who took advantage of the offer.

After a delightful conversation with the gregarious Dan Dockery down in Swanzeo, the Guinness was transported up to the Wolfhound. Shane Golden was in watching Kerry get as close to the five in a row as they have ever done by watching last year’s All Ireland quarter final trouncing of Dublin five times, one after the other without respite on a little computer screen.

Trish Kane waltzed in the door and immediately set about revolutionising the way people interact with one another and with the time and space continuum. Aidan Dockery followed soon after and placated his inner demons with a pint of the black stuff and some of the most reflective staring out the window that has been seen in this town for manys a long year. Being ACB Photographer of the Year can get to even the most media savvy at times.

Martin MacMahon, Andy Kirwan and the irrepressible Trish Kane started up the fiddle and harp and while there was a spatial vacuum in the middle of the watering hole, the boys watching Kerry take Dublin to the cleaners, for the third time, were not shy about expressing their unity with the lyrical minstrels.

Dave Cunningham graced us with his presence as the music was dying down and mumbled one of the most philosophical diatribes ever to lay siege to inaudible ears in this part of the world.  With the support of Gaelic Sports Cast, an ethereal Colm Ross was hovering in the time and space continuum not yet reorganized by Trish Kane.

Later on, the by now well oiled troop decamped in unison to touch base with Scotland’s second favourite son, Douglas Pyper, an activity which has become the height of good fashion and bad taste in Hanoi of late. 

Jim Kiernan


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