Hanoi Trivia Quiz Night

Think you know your Hanoi history, geography, and street food ?? Do you consider Ho Chi Minh YOUR uncle?

Let’s see how Hanoi-savvy you are this Thursday September 9th when 1000 years of history will be packed into 1 night of fun.

In honor of the upcoming Hanoi 1000 year celebration (you know, that thing they’ve been counting down to for 5 years now…) the DuraCelts are hosting a quiz night at the newly opened Temple Bar.

We’ll be competing in teams of 4-6 people. Come with or without a team, we’ll help you make friends! Aside from forced friendships and pretty ladies in red, other highlights include: Prizes, raffle, and free beer for winners.


Where: The Temple Bar

8 Hang Buom, Hanoi

When: Thursday 9 Sept

Time: 8.30pm

40,000 VND Entry fee

Proceeds will go towards the DuraCelts’ “Help Us Score in Hong Kong” campaign, a  fundraiser for the upcoming Asian Games in Hong Kong, September 25-26.

For more information, contact Catherine: 0128 613 5573



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2 responses to “Hanoi Trivia Quiz Night

  1. Olga Arce

    i want to leave a comment for my daughter Jessica Arce who is on the womens team, I love you. Kick some ass!!!

  2. Olga Arce

    Jessica Arce, i love you babe, from your mom. Also, go kick booty. (i dont think my last comment went out because it told me it was waiting for moderation cause i said kick some a**)

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