Summer Series 2010: Matchday 1

                 After match celebrations.  Jim Kiernan and Mark ‘Willy’ Williams

Viet Celts               2.3 (9pts)

Vietnam Swans     1.4 (7pts)

On 15 May at UNIS, the Viet Celts played the Vietnam Swans in a fast and pulsating game of Gaelic Football. Some of the Viet Celts were down south this weekend and others were taking part in a futsal tournament so the VC really had to scramble to put a side together but it was worth the effort in the end because both sides enjoyed themselves immensely in a tough but sportsmanlike contest.

Four periods of ten minutes were decided upon with five minute rest breaks. Cloud cover took the sting out of the summer heat and led to a more running game than would normally be the case at this time of year.

The Vietnam Swans’ passing throughout the game was nothing short of immaculate and had they been more clinical in front of goal they might have won this game with something to spare. Eoin ‘Da Bomber’ Clancy making his debut for the Viet Celts scored two fantastic goals, emphatically burying the ball into the back of the net on both occasions.

‘Glamorous’ Bob Patterson scored a lovely angled point which was originally miscalled as wide by the umpire but this decision was overruled by the referee at great sacrifice to his domestic bliss. VC Legend Ha Dinh Huy covered every blade of grass during the game as if he was trying to extract the very hounds of hell themselves from an inferno of their own making.

The Viet Celts ran out winners in the end but not before facing an anxious final period when the Swans came storming back at them, a comeback sparked off by a fantastic goal from Jamie Spice.

When the Gaelic Football concluded a period of Australian Rules was played. In this mini-game, victory was sealed for the Swans thanks to two goals from Swans Legend, ‘ Kind Crazy’ Dan Hopkins.  Afterwards the Viet Celts were guests at the official opening of the Swans’ season at Jaffas in Ciputra.

                   ‘Kind Crazy’ Dan Hopkins receives his award from Jim Kiernan

At the Swans official opening, ‘Kind Crazy’ Dan Hopkins was presented with the Vietnam Swans Player of the Tournament Award for the Viet Celts Hanoi Invitational tournament which was held in June 2009. Such was the level of debate amongst the voting panel that it took nearly a year to bring it to a conclusion which therefore makes the winning of it all the more of an achievement.

Jim Kiernan


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