The feint and sidestep

Another clip to help the VC hone their skills before recommencing training.



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2 responses to “The feint and sidestep

  1. paulie

    nice one , Jamesie

    I’ll pass on the updates to Taoiseach/Tanaiste asap …… He’s been obsessed with what’s been goin on out there since ye met up a couple of years back …. He’s just been bangin on and on about ye so hopefully this bit of news will chill him out a bit and he can start focusing on the auld economy again ….. What did you say to him anyway cos he told the media back here he’s been acting on some advice he got out there but I think I can speak for a nation when I say ‘ It didn’t feckin work! ‘

    • Jim Kiernan

      Oh but it did, if you have ever seen the film the Manchurian Candidate, you will know what we have done. The more wrecked the Irish economy, the better the chance we have of getting Gaelic Footballers out to Hanoi to live and work. That might seem very Machiavellian but it is all about putting a team together for Jakarta, 29 May even if that means taking down the Irish economy in the process.

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