A pride of rabid lionesses amongst a herd of fleet footed gazelles – Duracelts Report

                        Both sides assess the damage at half time

VAS Hanoi  6.1(19pts) 

 Duracelts    2.9 (15 pts)

The Duracelts decided to add some spice to their weekly training on Saturday 3 April by competing in a game with the VAS Hanoi High School team. Around 5pm a squad of determined Vietnamese teens descended upon the pitch, ready to demonstrate their skills to the slightly older ladies.

The first period proved tough for the Duracelts after an initial good start in the first few minutes. It took us some time to adapt to the fast pace and amazing  fitness and mobility of our youthful opposition. Despite the committed work of newcomer  ‘Safe Hands Nam’ as goalkeeper, the students scored some nice goals which were to prove telling in the end.

The Duracelts improved their play in the following periods and built up the defense, thanks to Sarah and Franziska’s structured play. The midfields and forwards created space with fast-paced passes and Catherine, Elisa and Marion scored a good number of points.  The last period also saw a wonderful goal scored by Mags, who surprised the VAS backs by dragging her marker left and then hiding behind the defensive line.

Huong, Judi, Mags, Katy and Phuong played admirably in their first Gaelic football game on a full size pitch. Judi had this insightful observation after the game: “The first period was very hard, and then we came good like a pride of rabid lionesses amongst a herd of fleet footed gazzelles”.

All in all the final score was extremely close:

VAS Hanoi 6.1  (19pts)  – Duracelts 2.9 (15 pts)

The game was an excellent opportunity for the Duracelts to solidify the team and test out some strategies for the next tournament – and it was a great chance for the Youth team to hone their skills by beating old women

Thanks Jim for the organization, and bring them back soon – we’ll kick their scholarly asses next time

The Duracelts


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