Gaelic Football starts up at Hanoi Academy

Dave Cunningham takes on the Vietnam Swans at the Hanoi Invitational 2009.

Great news which augurs well for the future of Gaelic Football in Vietnam . Last week, Dave Cunningham organised his first Gaelic Football training session at his school, Hanoi Academy. Dave is a well respected coach in both Gaelic Football and Association Football circles in Hanoi and has brought a level of organisation to both scenes which is having a huge impact.

It is an old cliché that the future of a sport lies in its youth and to put a sport on a solid footing, it must be played in schools and to expand, there must be inter-schools competition. We hope to launch an inter-schools competition between VAS Hanoi and Hanoi Academy sometime in late April or early May before the end of the academic year.  The objective this semester is to set the process in motion as the boys concerned (Year 9) have important examinations to complete this academic year and build on it next year when there is less academic pressure on them.

The ACB have offered us the services of a visiting coach from Ireland who has been seconded to the ACB for six months. He should be able to spend a week in Hanoi and will help out with the schools Gaelic Football.  The Viet Celts will be giving Dave every support in his endeavours.

Jim Kiernan



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9 responses to “Gaelic Football starts up at Hanoi Academy

  1. Salty

    Keep up the good work promoting GAA in Asia.

    Ni neart go cur le cheile.


  2. Limerick Nomad

    Good stuff.

  3. Cicfada

    Fantastic news, keep her lit lads!! Now the only thing remains……. to get the small ball game played there!!!

  4. paulie

    Nice one, Jamesie ….

    I’ll pass on the updates to the taoiseach … He’s been bangin on about ye ever since he got back from there a few years back ……… Whatever he saw out there seems to have affected him fairly deeply judging by the decisions he’s been makin since …. 🙂

    Hopefully might get the chance for a kick-about some time soon…

    • Jim Kiernan

      Cheers Paulie,

      It was probably the rice wine. If you fancy a kick-about, we are having one in Jakarta on 29 May at the South East Asian Games.

  5. Patrick Gillespie

    Dear Jim
    I was passed on your name at the recent Australasian Gaelic Games in N.Z. Have been involved in Gaelic football in Adelaide in past two years with Minor squad. I am from Donegal and a Chaplain at Westminster School which has over 1000 students. One of my passions is Gaelic and had 14 boys from the school in state squad this year. The school is engaged in overseas services and seek to help out in engaging in projects supporting people who are struggling with various issues. In past few years have inspired a weekly visit to homeless centre where students engage in serving and supporting those in need.
    I would love to look at new opportunties to engage Gaelic Football and a service project. As this is only a thought but could look at the prospect of getting gaelic players to go abroad teach and play the game and then maybe spend a week or two in helping serve local people in serving or establishing a project. Would love to hear from you and maybe somehow help you in your work there. I am open to any thoughts, suggestions or direction where something like this could be explored.
    All the best
    Patrick Gillespie

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