St Patrick’s Day Pub Quiz for the Duracelts

Viet Celts oi!

This coming Tuesday, March 16th the Ladies team — a.k.a. The Duracelts — will be hosting a Pub Quiz night at R&R Tavern with part of the proceeds to go towards our general Ass-Kicking Fund.

Come out to support the team and test your Irish knowledge. And spread the word! See if you can persuade/ coerce friends and foes alike — what’s not to love about a little friendly competition?

The more people, the better, especially if they like to drink beer and donate money to good causes. I have a dream, my friends, and that is that one day our team will be able to afford real gloves for each and every girl — and not the gardening type! So let’s make this happen.

Details: 9-11:30 pm
R&R Tavern

10 Tho Nhuom,

Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

On the diagonal street running away from Hai Ba Trung toward Trang Thi.

VietCelts Trivia Night flyer.pdf

~ The Duracelts ~


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