Viet Celts 2009

In the last year or so…

Since the Asian Gaelic Games last year in Georgetown, Penang, the Viet Celts has continued to diversify in a determined bid to become the most multi-racial Gaelic football club in the world – not even an English Premiership football team owned by a billionaire oligarch from Russia could assemble such a dubious foreign legion of mercurial talents with players hailing from Ireland, England, Scotland, Vietnam, France, Australia, Ecuador, America and Uganda (wait till you hear our multi-lingual anthem).

Last June the Viet Celts also hosted the VC Invitational Gaelic Football Tournament in Hanoi welcoming Orang-Éire of Malaysia to Vietnam for the second year running while also introducing The Vietnam Swans, an Australian Rules team, to the game on the day. Such our hospitality and respect for encouraging the game at “grass roots” level, the Viet Celts Blue let Orang Éire win the final while the Viet Celts White let the Vietnam Swans bag third place in the loser’s play-off – then we took everyone out for tea and cake.

History was also made on St. Patrick’s Day last March when two teams of U14 Vietnamese students from VAS (Vietnam Australian School) in Hanoi played the first ever schools game of Gaelic football in Vietnam. The Viet Celts’ team of dieticians will now attempt to beef these young local stars up with imported Irish Rashers, spuds, crisp sandwiches and spice burgers in the hope of turning them into fine, strapping Gaelic football players by the time they turn 18.

In 2009 a small squadron of Viet Celts also twice joined forces with a team from Thailand, firstly for the KL Challenge in February and secondly for the Southeast Asian Gaelic Games, also in KL, last May. On the second occasion this exotic fusion of Vietnamese- and Thai-style athleticism helped them win the plate, the first piece of winning silverware to sit inside the Viet Celts immaculate and imagined trophy cabinet; even if it’s only half a plate, we’re very proud of it.


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