Pre-Christmas 2009

Two games were organised recently by Viet Celts before Christmas to close out the year.

1.Mixed Gaelic Football

A mixed Gaelic Football game was organised at Chu Van An on December 16 with two teams comprising of 6 ladies and 4 men. The white team ran out winners in a fast paced game with the benefits of Marion’s coaching to be seen in the skills on display. Fair play to all who came down to play and Marion and Gareth who did most of the organising. Thuy was immense throughout with a hip hop running style and good movement with and without the ball. So dominant was she that she even found time to tackle/protect her own team mate.

2. VAS Gaelic Cup 2009

At Vietnam Australia High School (VAS), on 11 December a Gaelic football game was organised between a combined teacher/year 11 team against the regular Gaelic footballers (Year 9). The name of the new competition was the VAS Gaelic Cup. After a great start from the year 9 team which put them well in front, the combined team started to play their way back into the match with a fluid passing game after a lot of wasted chances in the first period through individual glory hunting. The combined team ran out narrow winners. Some of the year 11s were particularly impressive and might well be fast tracked into the Viet Celts set up. Awards for ‘man of the match’ and ‘best newcomer’ will be presented in March at the St Patrick’s Day Reception.

3. Clint Lambert

In thanking Dan D, Johnny and Dan B for organising the awards ceremony in November, I cruelly omitted the contribution of Clint Lambert. Clint was responsible for the MVP awards, the metal for which was hewn by his own hands from enviromentally friendly sources endorsed by Josh Kempinski.

He then molded the awards into a suitable shape ala Demi Moore in the film ‘Ghost’ before departing off in the sunset, with another Viet Celt stalwart Sean Hoy, like a couple of lonesome b-movie cowboys in a badly produced spaghetti western. They’ll be back at some stage to help us out next year.

Happy Christmas to Viet Celts whereever you might be.

Jim Kiernan


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